Food Waste Processors Quality Built

A Syker System is a safe & environmentally friendly way to dispose of your food waste. No more smelly dumpsters and a reduced carbon footprint using state of the art technology and naturally occurring microorganisms.

The Range



Capacity: 140 kgs or 310 lbs of food waste per 24 hours.


Capacity: 280 kgs or 617 lbs of food waste per 24 hours.

Our range of machines is continuing to expand so please contact us directly for a tailored solution and let a Syker System solve your food waste issues.


• Convert your food waste to grey water
• No Methane generated

  • Built to CE, CSA and UL safety standards
  • Safe for workers and your kitchen
  • Save on waste disposal
  •  Reduce handling costs

Syker Stratus

The Stratus is our entry-level digester, capable of digesting up to 140 kgs or 310 lbs of food waste in a 24 hour period.This is a perfect solution for most small to mid sized businesses from restaurants to elementary school cafeterias, from remote work camps to offshore drilling rigs, the Stratus will easily take care of your food waste issues.

Syker Nimbus

The Nimbus is our largest digester, capable of digesting up to 280 kgs or 617 lbs of food waste in a 24 hour period. The Nimbus would be better suited to situations where a larger amount of food waste is produced. Places like resorts, hotels, hospitals, retirement homes, college campuses and so on.

Download the spec sheet below to see if the Nimbus is right for you.

3-year warranty

Our food waste processors are designed to last. Solid, stainless steel bearing assemblies with double lip seals and sealed bearings ensure a long life.

Simple to Use

No elaborate control system. Turn it on, set to automatic and feed it. The system will adjust the operating sequence based on how much waste is in the machine.


All machines ship with the processing medium (SykerStars) and Microbial Consortia (SykerSolution) required for months of trouble-free operation.


• Hot & cold water supply
• Flat surface (+/- 20mm)
• Sewer connection
• 110V or 220V power supply.
• Downstream grease trap (not

Daily Capacity (approx.)* 200 (440) 400(880) kg (lb)
Length 1205 (47.4) 1891 (74.4) mm (in)
Width 789 (31) 789 (31) mm (in)
Height 995 (39) 995 (39) mm (in)
Empty Weight 238 (524) 450 (992) kg (lb)
Water Supply (typical) 3-5 (43-73) 3-5 (43-73) Bar (psi)
Water Flow Rate (typical) 9 (4.75) 9(4.75) L/min (USGPM)
Daily Water Input (typical) 600 (159) 860 (227) L (USG)
Input Water (after mixing) 35-45 (95-113) 35-45 (95-113) °C (°F)
Daily Effluent Flow (typical) 750 (198) 1000 (264) L (USG)
Power Supply (typical) 220 VAC 220 VAC
Energy Consumption 16 21 kW h/d