Our Sales And Technical Team Will Help You Attaint
The Right Syker System For Your Business


Over A Short Period Of Time, Our Team May Ask You To Keep Track The Following:

  • The number of meals served daily
  • The weight of the food waste produced.
installation preparation

Then We Will Deliver The Correct Sized Machine You Your Needs


Our Technical Team Will Assist You With All Aspects Of Installing


  • The ideal location for installation is the kitchen.
  • There are no odors from the machine so the food does not need to be transported outside.

Firm Level Ground

  • Similar to a washing machine, the Syker machine should be installed on firm level ground
level ground

Near A Sewer Drain

  • For practicality, the Syker system should be installed near to a sewer drain.
sewer drain

Need A Supply Of Hot And Cold Water

  • Stratus model uses about 500L (132 US Gallons) of water per day
  • Nimbus model uses about 1000L (264 US Gallons) per day.
  • The water input temperature should be between 35-45℃ (95-113℉).
  • We have installed a mixing valve within the internal plumbing to easily achieve this.
water tap

Need Electrical Outlet

  • You will need the correct electrical requirements for your region.
  • A Syker System uses very little electricity, the motor only turns 25% of the time and the control system uses very little power.

Provided The Supplies And Drain Are Close By, The Installation Will Normally Take No More Than A Few Hours

Our clients are what drives our organizations success as customer satisfaction is paramount. Our technicians are well trained.


our team is well trained and experienced
Our Team Has Commissioned Our Digesters Throughout The World


Our Team Will Do The Job Quickly And Efficiently

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