Our Team Understands That
Customer Service Is Paramount

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Syker Systems Is Committed To The Long Run, And Has Assembled The Most Qualified Team

Syker Systems is a privately owned company located both in Canada and USA. Syker has offices in Surrey BC Canada, with sales offices in Silicon Valley, California.

Syker Systems originated from a distinct need to create a high-end, affordable and robust Digester for food waste.

Our parent company IEM has been in business for over 50 years. IEM is known for providing solutions for the most challenging engineering applications.

Both companies believe in engineering reliable products with great service. IEM is pleased to be a part of a movement that will reduce greenhouse gases worldwide.

Syker Systems is an established organization that will to be here for the long run. We’ve built a great team that will deliver durable Digesters, affordable pricing and great service.

Our Long Term Goal Is To Be The Number One Choice For All Clients



Our engineers have over fifty years of experience and expertise in developing complex engineered machines for industrial use.


Every customer is a customer for life.

Our philosophy has always been to focus on our clients’ needs, and we will deliver every time.


We will never waiver from delivering on our promises and commitments.

If a problem arises, we will provide a solution.


Our focus has always been to provide the most reliable machine at the lowest price.

Today, we provide the most durable machine and the lowest price in the industry.


We are here for the long run. We are committed to continuous improvement.

We’ve employed highly experienced professionals, and we will grow with the industry.

Our President – Chuck Walls

“We tested our first Prototype for 12 months and, after multiple modifications, we released it on the market, and it still runs today.”

“I believe we’ve built the most reliable and durable Digesters on the Market.”

Sales Manager – Toby Zambetti

“Our customers choose us because of our superb customer service. Syker's sales department's primary objective is to secure long-term relationships with organizations that are environmentally conscious, while reducing their waste management costs.”


Syker Systems’ mission is to produce quality products that become integral and relied upon components of our customers’ operations. They are equipment that provide demonstrable value and do, first and foremost, what they are designed to do. Our focus is on robustness, reliability, simplicity, and ease-of-use, and to provide value in everything we design and manufacture.


The vision of Syker Systems is to be a significant supplier in existing and emerging markets. We aim to produce equipment that are effective solutions to our customers’ problems. We will make the Syker name synonymous with trustworthiness, honesty & integrity.


We Are Here To Serve Our Clients

  • President - Chuck Walls
  • Engineering Team - Kyle Andrews, Vicki McLachlan, Sydney Wallan, Sherman Shi, Jordan Valgardson, and Charles Luu
  • Support Team - Barry Conway and Tyler Currie
  • Sales Team - Toby Zambetti and Freedian Marpuang
  • Microbiology - Dale Overton